About Us

We are the Queen’s Concrete Canoe team, an engineering design team based at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. We work towards designing and constructing a canoe made entirely out of concrete for competition against universities from across the country.

concrete Canoes

What is a Concrete Canoe?

Simply speaking, it’s just as it sounds, a canoe made out of concrete. You might be asking how the boat even floats then, however compared to the heavy concrete that you see everyday in buildings and roads, the concrete we use to make the canoe is actually much lighter. A cylinder of our concrete will actually float!! For more then 50 years, engineering students from universities across North America and beyond have been completing to build the lightest, strongest and fastest concrete canoe.


Where do we Complete?

Each year we complete in the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition (CNCCC). At CNCCC, university teams showcase their concrete canoes, network with industry members, present their design processes and of course race the canoes against teams from across Canada and the world. At competition, teams are evaluated based upon their technical reports, canoe showcase, race performance and sustainability.

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